Normally fun

A Day at the Beach

2-4 player custom card game.

Most of the fun, none of the sand.

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2 player card game

Free! Play with a Standard Deck.

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Kill The Kings

Solitaire, but better

Free! Play with a Standard Deck.

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Fun fact: I've been on some gameshows!


Shout-out to John O.

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Cash Cab

Shout-out to John E.

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Let's Ask America

Hello Howie Mandell

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The Cube

Shout-out to Ally and D. Wade!

Coming Soon

Go ahead, shirt the one you love. Here are some of my top sellers


Great for 364 days a year, every year.

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Just so people know you have one

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Great for airports and ski lodges

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I take good notes!

I also like to write and design!


Catching Lightning Bugs - my first poetry book
No Recipe (My Screenplay)
Grim (My Screenplay)

Stand Up Comedy

Stand up Bio
Airplane Peanuts and lines at the Airport (click to listen)

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