Some of my fave links!

Funny and Cool - One Time

Peyton Manning and the United Way
Side Effects by Steve Martin
Pregnancy Test
Miss South Carolina on Geography
Most Significant US Event
P-Unit Rap
Big Bunny (watch all the yummy episodes)
Numa Numa
Funny Chase
Duel at Red Table
Sifl and Olly
The Top 50 Comedy Sketches of All Time (According to Gawker)
Public Service Announcements
Stick Death
Bert and Ernie Ante Up
Biden-Palin Debate Prep
He is ok
Cool Touch Screen
Cool Transparent Backgrounds
Wiilly Cool Finger Use
The Bear Suit
Data Visualizations and Another
Most Expensive Liquid in the World
Mitch Hedberg Quotes
US States Renamed for Countries w/ a Similar GDP
The Terminator T1000 Prototype
The Last Lecture
Best Thing You've Ever Seen
Winner of the Not My Job Award
Value of object by weight
Shape Shifting
Charles Barkley Quotes
McDonalds Patent on Sandwich Making
Dolphins Playing With Bubble Rings - Cute Alert!
Gmail Hack Done on Santa Claus!
Fireworks in Iceland
Shaq's Twitter (for real!)
Press Your Luck God (My Hero) (and full video)
"Lucky" Lotto Winner
Dr. Mario Commercial
Japanese Dr. Mario Commercial
Vegan Support Group
Transformers 2 Movie Review
Great Game Show Moments
The Fune (Microsoft iPhone)
Muppet Song
Shakespeare and Lebowski
NASA to approach girl
Happy Valentine's Day
Courier Content
HTC Evo vs iPhone
RC Car Nissan Sentra
Pepper on NPR (24 minute mark)
Microsoft Designs iPod Package
Hans Rosling (data visualization) His Video | Gapminder
Internet Gangstas
Trading Algo Promotion
Browser Comparison
Bike wish
Comic - 250 tons
Blindfolded Pianist - Mario Bros
TV Muting for Overexposed Celebs
New York Earthquake Image
Girl Talk - A Day in the Life
Comic about Games
Last Second Footbal Play
Note to presenters
Violin background for Super Mario Bros
50 crazy numbers about the US
Atlantic Article about a guy who beat Atlantic City at Blackjack
Dated history of solar power
The Power of Introverts (Ted Talk Susan Cain)
Mac Lethal talking about You're and Your
Brief History of Video Games
Old man plays basketball
Funny Puns
Rock Paper Scissors Machine
Baby at a bar
Gangnam Style (music video)
Baby and Biggie
My Favorite Ghost Ride the Whip Compilation
Funny Prank for Stephen King's Carrie
Childhood Photos Recreated
Coca Cola Commercial about life as a new parent
Extra Gum Commercial - very touching
Dove Real Beauty Portraits
BIC Pens for Women - Reviews
Funny baby meme
A baby book of disasters
Family Feud Fail
Correlation is not Causation - graphs from Tyler Vigen
A car which matches my daughter's
Command Hooks are really awesome
Mother son awesome wedding dance
Awesome article on the birth of Nintendo Games in US
Interrupting a Software Developer
Colorblindness Article |Test (I'm a Strong Deutan!)
John Oliver ranting about net neutrality
Basketball article - I like Bosh now
Funny Sign
Funny Waterslide Mishaps
Messi's Best Soccer (Football) Goals
Lebron's Return to Cleveland Letter
Everything you can't do when you're not a toddler
Owning your career with Rod and Joseph Troyanovich
Science Discovery using high speed video to detect sound
Using high speed video to detect pulse and breathing
Taking Go Pro videos and speeding them up with hyperlapse
Suffolk Life Music Video
Neural Net learns Atari
Ben's MTA Article
Ben's Broadway Ted Talk on Data Storytelling
Dr. Pepper about asteroids hitting earth
Kevin Durant MVP Speech - wonderful, inspirational, humble
Road Rage and Road Revenge Onion Video
Princeton Entrepreneur Videos (with Ed Zschau) Pink Panther To Do List


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